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Uncanny ability to understand and recognise people - both from personal & professional perspective.

Bhavana Jain

Director & Chief Human Resources Officer

Bhavana Jain, an astute & warm  personality, leads the organisation as Director & Chief Human Resources Officer of Netcore.

Coming from a Chartered Accountancy background, her knowledge & expertise in financial matters  has maintained the organisations’s growth levels – from a humble start to its current established position today.

Bhavana has been involved with the organisation at grass-root level, right from its inception. She has an uncanny ability to understand and recognise people- both from personal & professional perspective, and thus ensures that the company has the right people across all functions.  A person of very strong values,  passionate about the people in her organisation, she makes sure that everyone is treated fairly and equally – which is the cornerstone of Netcore’s  value-system.

Bhavana, with her 20+ years’ wealth of experience in managing people & financial numbers   – she oversees the core functions of the company : Finance & Human Resources.