Netcore launches cross-channel marketing automation solution, Smartech

Netcore launches India’s cross-channel marketing automation platform Smartech

Digital marketing solutions provider Netcore has launched Smartech, a cloud-based marketing technology platform. With the launch of Smartech, Netcore aims to help modern marketers streamline digital communication, increase engagement, automate cross-channel workflows, deliver data-driven personalisation and improve operational efficiency.

Commenting on the launch, Rajesh Jain, Founder and Managing Director, Netcore , said, “Smartech is yet another example of industry-leading innovation that Netcore has been known for. As technology transforms marketing, Smartech is exactly the platform marketers need to take away the drudgery of campaigns and enable a deeper personalized connect with customers.”

“With increasing proliferation of digital devices, customers today are facing communication overload. It is becoming increasingly challenging for marketers to reach their existing or prospective customers with relevant messaging. Netcore’s Smartech helps an enterprise target the right customer with the right message at the right time through the right channel.” said Kalpit Jain, COO, Netcore.

Through the launch of Smartech, marketers can streamline lead generation, enable lead nurturing and scoring, develop customer retention programs, measure marketing effectiveness through analytics and optimize ROI. Additionally, Smartech enables automated workflows to be designed on the basis of a customer’s behavior like checking email, clicks, missed calls, SMS response, customer attributes and demographics.

Founded in 1998 by Rajesh Jain, Netcore offers solutions for enterprise communication and digital marketing. The enterprise communication suite includes on-premise & on-cloud messaging, archiving solutions. It also includes high quality email, SMS and voice delivery solutions. The different elements of the suite ensure effective business communication &/or timely delivery of event-triggered email & SMS/voice notifications, reminders and alerts.