Analytics: A Boon to Marketing Automation

This event was concluded on December 7

Today’s customers have shortened attention span and they interact with brands through multiple mediums and on multiple devices. This has forced marketers to rethink their marketing strategies. Bangalore Edition will focus on the hottest topic of the consumer-data driven marketing world.

Our unique, interactive and extremely informational platform Martech Knowledge Exchange: Bengaluru Edition will focus on the hottest topic of the consumer-driven marketing world.

Analytics: A Boon to Marketing Automation

Come, join some eminent speakers, marketing and analytics experts, and your fellow marketers on the 7th of December at Taj Vivaanta from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm and take actionable insights like:

  • The power of data and analytics
  • The importance of Predictive Analytics, Customer Segmentation and Behavioural Analytics
  • How marketing automation can help improve conversion rates and customer lifetime value (CLV)
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