Digital Marketing 2017 Indonesia

This event was concluded on November 29

Netcore is the knowledge partner at the Digital Marketing 2017 Indonesia (29-30 Nov 17) brought by Marketing-Interactive a publication of Lighhouse Independant Media which will focus on the rapidly evolving field of digital marketing to discover the hottest trend to stay relevant in this crowded market, including mobile-first, geolocation targeting, user-generated content, live streaming, chatbots and more.
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Hear our expert Mr Abitabh Bhaskar, CEO – International Business, Netcore

Topic: Winning in Disruptive Marketing Economy

With the technology disruption in marketing space, lot of data is expected to generate across devices & platforms
Thus, there will be a clear need to make sense out of the data through analytics capabilities
Analytics capabilities in the context of marketing should focus on customer analytics & marketing analytics
Customer analytics to give insights on how customers are behaving and how customers are expected to behave
Marketing analytics to help you know the ROI of marketing activities

Date: 29th Nov 2017

Time: 3.00 – 3.40 pm

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