Marketing Analytics

Leverage cutting-edge analytics to design, execute and optimise highly effective, data-driven campaigns.

Analytical Services

Analytics play a critical role in efficient campaign management. While Marketing Automation helps in cross-channel engagement, analytics-driven dashboards can help monitor campaign performance, channel efficiency, user behaviour and response across various products and services which are being promoted. Netcore offers a full-stack solution by providing campaign analytics services in addition to our Marketing Automation platform, thereby giving our customers truly data-driven personalized engagement.

Effective Campaign Management

Our analytical service team, comprising of data scientists, business analysts and consultants can help you in data collection/enrichment, data integration and data modelling to create customised dashboards/visual reports as per your business needs. Our consulting teams can help you design improved campaign strategies using Analytics

Business intelligence

Measure campaign performance by looking at trends, drill down reports, response curves and channel/content efficiency. These insights are very useful in understanding the overall performance and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Descriptive Analytics

Track user behavior, attributes, user spends and much more through profiling, segmentation and clustering. Through this feature, you can design highly personalized, relevant and precise campaigns which generate higher responses, improved ROI and better overall consumer experience.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics help you predict future outcomes in terms of estimating responses, transactions, repeat users, future lead drops, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) etc. Equip yourself with predictive analytics to plan highly effective future campaigns, design winning strategies, allocate optimal marketing budgets and much more.