Anti-spam & Anti-virus

Multi-level protection for your critical business emails.

Why Netcore Clean Email?

A next-generation enterprise email security solution that ensures spam & virus emails are blocked at the Internet level. So, you can save on bandwidth & storage requirements thus eliminating productivity loss from managing junk emails.


Virus-free Emails


Spam-free Emails




Spam Emails Blocked

Experience The Netcore Difference

  • 95% spam-free emails

    • Multiple layers of spam protection and intelligence built by our servers over time
    • Multi-layered spam protection Real-time blacklists monitoring (RBLs)
    • Zero false-positive ratio
    • Protection against DDoS attacks
    • Heuristics, fingerprint & DNA checks
    • Personal quarantine area & spam-digest
    • Inbound content and attachment filtering

    100% virus-free emails

    • Ensure not even a single email infected with virus enters your corporate network with triple level of virus protection
    • Triple-level virus protection
    • Zero-hour virus outbreak protection
    • Commtouch patented technology
    • Daily virus digest
  • Disaster recovery spooling

    • Ensure business-critical emails are queued at Netcore’s servers due to non-availability of the post-scan relay email server, thus eliminating mail bounces
    • Up to 5 days of email queuing
    • Quickly relay emails on availability of post-scan relay email server
    • Unlimited email data storage

    Highly secure infrastructure

    Your email data is completely secure from any unauthorized access with multiple layers of security & safeguards which can ward off any external security threat.

  • Always-on infrastructure

    Redundant & fault tolerant infrastructure ensures always-on availability (99.99% uptime) to scan & clean emails from spam & viruses.

    Quick setup with zero upfront investment

    Secure and scalable cloud infrastructure ensures zero upfront investment in hardware, software or resources.

  • Simplified web-based administration

    Manage your anti-spam & anti-virus cloud server anytime from anywhere through a web-based graphical admin interface.