Smartech, Your AI-Powered Growth Marketing Platform

Hyper-personalisation is the ultimate goal of any marketer. With Netcore Smartech, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), you leverage Analytics for sharper segmentation and a Unified View of the Customer in real time, Automate repetitive tasks, and use AI to drive your decision-making towards a higher ROI. You now have all of these on one single platform.

The AI-powered marketing automation & analytics gives a new boost to your growth marketing strategy as it enables send time optimisation, subject line optimisation, frequency & content optimisation, as well as churn optimisation & smart segmentation. Reports suggest that AI-driven growth marketing helps to increase customer engagement by ~20% on an average. AI lets you have data-driven insights that are updated in real time, to help you decide the right channel mix, crucial for measurable ROI.

Send Time Optimisation (STO)

As a digital marketer, you have only 2-3 seconds to make an impression. Get your timing wrong and you’ve lost a lead. AI can help you identify the best timing to send your message (email, app notification & others) to your consumer, based on historical data on when they access emails.

This way, you will know when your consumer is most likely to respond. Now you can program your delivery channel in such a way that your consumer receives the right message at the right time.

For example, your consumer accesses your food delivery app during the common 9-to-5 routine. Your AI-powered platform identifies the lunch hour of between 1:00 and 2:00 pm as the best time to offer discounts. After a while, your AI-powered platform captures a shift in ordering times – night shift & late night deliveries. Accordingly, it automatically updates its recommendations to between 9:00 pm and midnight.

Content Optimisation

Subject Line / Headline Optimisation:

An unaddressed letter is unlikely to catch your attention. Same is the case with your campaign (email, push notification & others) if it carries a subject line that is standard or boring, even if the email content is relevant and the mail itself is correctly timed.

Your campaign stands much greater chances of success if your email subject line or headline in case of Push Notifications, is catchy, interesting, curiosity-inducing, funny, or personalised well. AI can help you with this.

Based on the consumer’s historical data on open and click rates, AI can help you optimise the keyword used in the subject line or the headline.

Campaign Content Optimisation:

Your consumer’s transactional history and browsing pattern happens to be unique in response to their customer journey and experience.

AI can help you better understand both by analysing data in real time so that you know what content is most likely to strike a chord. You can finally have a much better understanding of the ROI your campaigns are generating.

This is not all. AI/ML can help you with predictive churn modelling, product recommendations, frequency optimisation, Smart Segmentation for a campaign before and after testing and many more.