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Re-engage website visitors and capture mindshare through browser notifications.

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Browser Notifications

  • Allow your customers to get messages even if the website is not open on their browser.
  • Send notifications that can be accessed across devices such as a desktop, tablet or mobile.
  • Send a precise message with specific information when it matters the most.

Leverage a wide browser market share to deliver relevant notifications

  • Reach out to your mobile audience through browser notifications on mobile devices.
  • Use notifications to harness customers that are not on your website.

Experience The Netcore Difference

  • Messages that are hyper-personalised

    Personalisation can do wonders to any communication's performance. Personalise your title as well as the content of the web push notifications through your contacts names and other attributes.

    Emojis for effectiveness

    Set the tone of your message, boost your click through rates and add to the message's impact by establishing an emotional connect with your audience by using emojis in your Browser Push Notifications.

  • The Time to Live Customisation

    Our feature "Time to Live (TTL)" lets you customize your Push Notifications based on hours and days, instead of seconds. This increases the chances of message to reach the subscribers when they're active online.

    UTM Tracking for Insightful Measurement

    The data-rich reports are now more deeper and refined, as you can now track the performance of your Browser Push Notifications by adding UTM tracking parameters to your message. Attribute the traffic to your website to the Browser Push Notification broadcasts you send.

  • Your Message, Your Time Zone

    Schedule Push Notifications based on customer insights generated through Netcore Smartech and improve relevancy and effectiveness of these time-based Push Notifications.

    Call-to-action (CTA) buttons - more than just one

    The essence of Web Push Notifications lies in the Call-To-Action buttons. Add three CTAs in your Browser Push Notifications and increase your click through rates.

  • Content that's always rich - Icons, Large Image & More

    Make your Browser Push Notifications visually appealing, add convincing messages to grab your contacts' attention – use re-sizeable images, place logos and icons in the message. Could be your brand's logo too.