App Push Notifications

Drive engagement with customers through Push notifications.

Connect with your customers through timely and relevant notifications

  • Allow an app to notify the user of new messages and events without the need of open the application.
  • Constantly open IP connection to forward notification from the servers of third party applications to the mobile application.
  • Get the message to the customer in the most direct and targeted way possible.

Deliver contextual push notifications whilst breaking through the clutter

  • Reach out to your contacts through push notifications on mobile apps across Android & iOS.
  • Send broadcasts or use it in multi-channel marketing automation workflows.

Experience The Netcore Difference

  • Rich Media Support

    Send app notifications with images, audio, videos, carousel, GIF and supports Interactive Buttons

    Automated Mobile Notifications

    Send automated app notifications for Android & iOS based on an event performed or action taken or setup as a recurring campaign to be sent periodically

  • Supports Google Tag Manager

    Push app updates to your user base without having to publish a new version on the app marketplace with Google Tag Manager (GTM) integrations for Android & iOS

    Campaign Reports & Dashboard

    Measure the effectiveness of push notifications with graphical, tabular, and statistical reports, all on a single dashboard.

  • Mobile App Attribution

    Track mobile app user’s activity and measure the effectiveness of your push notifications to prove return on marketing investment (ROI)

    App Notification Center

    Never lose out on mobile notifications as all app push notifications will be available in the notification center with status marked as Read or Unread.

  • Hyper-Personalised App Notifications

    Hyper-personalise your app push notifications to match the user's profile, such as name, city, or the product/services browsed

    A/B Testing on Mobile App Notifications

    Split-test your app push notifications with multiple creatives, messages, and CTAs to take smart decisions and improve conversion rate.