Send engaging SMS communication through effortless automation that leverages cross-channel data.

Embrace the power of mobile for a competitive advantage

Mobile is a communication channel like no other. The customer’s near-constant companion, it can unlock enormous opportunities if you make it a focal point of your marketing strategy. Netcore can help you leverage this cost-effective channel for a wider reach and incremental success.

  • Gain insightful analytics of your SMS broadcasts quickly and easily.
  • Leverage SMS broadcasts reports that are detailed, data-rich, and categorised with multi-dimensional views.
  • Analyse the performance of your messages based on broadcast details, tag, channel, sender ID or template across all essential metrics like sent, not sent, delivered, not delivered, etc.

Create effective campaigns quickly and easily

Netcore’s smart and simple SMS mobile marketing tool allows you to manage communications with your customers and staff.

The easy to use interface enables marketers to setup campaigns in a few clicks. So, you can concentrate on the campaign, and not worry about the technology that supports it.

Experience The Netcore Difference

  • Hosted software

    Can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.


    Easily include customer names into your message.

  • Real-time reporting

    Detailed reporting on all the messages.

    List Management

    Import lists from CRM and use it for multiple campaigns.

  • Segmentation

    Create segments out of the lists for better targeting.


    Load and save messages in advance for efficiency.