Email Archiving

Archive, retain and retrieve emails on-demand.

Why Netcore Email Archiving?

A 100% complete archiving solution that is intelligent and independent. Automatically archives incoming, outgoing & internal emails in real-time helping you comply with rules & regulations like SOX, SEBI guidelines and IT Act.


Automated & Real-time Archiving


Requirement of a 3rd Party DB Server




Compatibility with Any Email Server

Experience The Netcore Difference

  • Compressed storage

    Retain emails in compressed formats to save on storage requirements.

    Simplified web-based administration

    A web-based admin interface that does not require any knowledge of Linux commands.

  • Powerful search to retrieve emails on-demand

    Quickly search & retrieve emails even if an employee is no longer part of your organization.

    Highly secure infrastructure

    Complete security of archived email data from any unauthorized access with multiple layers of security & safeguards which can ward off any external security threat.

  • Uninterrupted access

    Redundant & fault-tolerant infrastructure ensures always-on availability (99.99% uptime).

    Tamper-proof storage

    Tamper-proof storage format to ensure compliance with archiving rules & regulations.

  • Automated email purging

    Automatically delete archived emails after a specified period to manage storage space.