Deliver Exceptional 1:1 Customer Experiences

Netcore’s marketing automation platform provides a single, unified view of customer and enables to plot the customer’s journey that helps to deliver consistent and automated cross-channel experiences. The powerful analytics helps in identifying stages of maximum drop-offs to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Unified Customer View

Get a single view of customer’s multi-channel world.

Capture customer data across every possible activity and interaction. See it in a single unified view. A cohesive view helps accurate customer scoring and analytics. The data you gather lets you sharpen your marketing strategy to create personalised and pertinent content.

Customer Journey Mapping

Plot the customer’s journey to deliver value at every touch-point.

Marketing automation panel allows you to build complex workflows using simple and easy to use WYSIWYG editor. Your marketing message changes in real-time depending on when, where and your customer opens it, ensuring maximum impact and resonance. This is what differentiates personalisation. Understand consumer response on real-time basis to decide the next best action. It is what makes your marketing truly relevant and contextual.

Cross-channel Automation

Deliver a consistent cross-channel experience through automation.

The challenge of customer conversion can be daunting. You have an enormous amount of data to sieve through. Millions of messages across multiple channels need to be customised and crafted for hundreds of customer segments based on individual preferences and behaviour. Netcore’s marketing cloud automates the entire process, so you can focus on delivering outcomes.


Make informed revenue-driven decisions powered by analytics

Leverage immediate and integrated analytics that connect you to your customers’ world. Find analytics that help you understand and learn more about your customers’ interests, preferences, activity history and demographics in one central location. Meaningful real-time insights can help you analyse the success of your marketing strategies and performance of your marketing campaigns with speed and accuracy.

Funnel Analytics

Identify stages of maximum drop-offs with Funnel Analytics

Funnel analytics allow you to track your customers’ journey right from arriving on your brand’s property, to performing the action you want. Funnels can pinpoint the stages where the maximum number of customer drop off. Our feature offers an engaging visual representation of the performance of your campaign in each stage, allowing you to identify:


Leverage data-driven insights to drive ROI.

Data-driven insights can help you deliver revenue outcomes and create memorable brand experiences. You can leverage insights from the customer’s behaviour across channels including social media and, along every step of their journey. With these insights you can identify opportunities that are uniquely available for you to harness.