4 Marketing Automation Success Stories: HDFC Life, Fern N Petals, UTI Mutual Fund, Lemon Tree Hotels

A compilation of 4 Marketing Automation Success Stories of leading brands from four different industry verticals to help you understand how brands like HDFC Life, Fern N Petals, UTI Mutual Fund, and Lemon Tree Hotels have leveraged Marketing Automation to achieve convincing results.

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Leading brands from various industry sectors have chosen Netcore’s Marketing Automation Platform for building 1:1 connections with their customers.

With a platform that helps brands have a unified view of customer, design multi-channel personalised campaigns, offer recommendations based on customers’ past behavior through real-time reports & analytics, the brands have achieved compelling results:

What you get

  • HDFC Life – Increased Customer Lifetime Value by 20%
  • Ferns N Petals – Increased Daily Purchases by 152%
  • UTI Mutual Fund – Increased Online Revenue by 25%
  • Lemon Tree Hotels– Decreased Customer Acquisition Cost by 94%