Cinepolis Successfully Performs Data Enrichment Program using Cross-channel Marketing Automation


Cinepolis India were facing customer engagement challenges. The existing campaigns using Email & SMS were at scale to the mass. Due to which they were facing many challenges like:

  • Duplications, non-personalised and irrelevant content
  • Poor customer experience thus poor customer engagement
  • Higher cost of communication as it was targeted to mass

Netcore’s Strategy

  • Crafted an engagement campaign to entice users to take action and participate in a contest where the user had to fill all the required details and register himself
  • A series of Emails & SMSes were planned for the existing, available database (Active, Inactive & Transacted) and A Missed Call number was also promoted at Cinema Halls and on social media platforms to capture new users.


  • The conceptualised cross-channel campaign resulted in over 44% Open Rate for Email and over 20% CTR for SMS, further helping the Brand to map the users with validated Email IDs and Mobile Numbers.
  • Overall, 87% response was achieved from the customers with the maximum engagement till date.
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