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Analytics and Insights

With the most precise analytics and minute customer insights, understand and offer exactly what your customer is looking for, much before she actually looks for it.

An Integrated Solution for Marketing

Understand your customer's favourites, approach, lifestyle and movements, easily with a single, cohesive suite of solutions and services for strategy, creativity, technology, and to also measure the revenue impact of your marketing efforts. Our analytics and insights, equip you with an integrated solution that combines customer analytics, cross-channel campaign management and marketing analytics. We use data analytics and marketing analytics to assist you in making better decisions and executing smarter marketing in traditional and emerging channels including social, mobile and web.

Marketing Data Services

Transform your structured as well as unstructured data across an array of platforms into actionable marketing data.

With our unified view, you can identify your most profitable customers, most frequent customers, most responding customers as well as their preferred product, channel of communication and much more. Different attributes also allow you to deeply analyse different behaviours of all customers across every point of interaction.

We furnish your customer data in a way that it helps you to have a detailed data based on the customer's demographics, and/or their transactional data which further generates summary profiles for every customer. These profiles are then mapped with the customer's responses across multiple channels and used to create what we call as a "unified view of your customer".

A unified view of the customer can be used to identify the target audience for your campaigns.

Additionally Netcore Smartech, our full-stack, omni-channel marketing automation solution is here to help you deliver the right content to the right person once you have a unified view of the customer.

Customer Analytics

We can get your data do the talking with three most effective and powerful ways:


Your customer data is carefully segregated based on the customer’s behavior and value and further goes through advanced segmentation which ensure micro-segmentation of your customer data. With this you can make person based decision and ensure higher relevancy and response.

Descriptive Analytics

Predictive models predict, but what about describing what has already happened in your business i.e. new product launches, macroeconomic events, competition activity and so on. Our descriptive analytics is here to help! A strong combination of our advanced analytics and strategic consulting equips you with customer insights which help you make consistent, data-driven decisions while talking to your customers across different channels.

Predictive Analytics

We strongly believe in "one size doesn't fit all"! So a completely new, customised predictive model is designed for every organisation to ensure specific business challenges as well as goals are met well. Our experienced team of data scientists and marketing analysts join forces to understand your business objectives and challenges to ensure a result-driven usage of our predictive models.
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Customer Analytics