Marketing Technology Consultancy

Strategic guidance & best-practice advisory to maximise results.

Strategic guidance & best-practice advisory to maximise results

Success in the digital marketing world requires more than applying new technology to customer experiences. It means engaging the right customers through the right channels at the right time to enable sharper revenue decisions. Our consultancy services provide valuable insights that give you the unique advantage of knowing what runs and what doesn’t.

As a leader, we know how to make marketing work. After all, we have the experience of serving more than 3,000 enterprise customers with over 6 billion consumer connects every single month.

Insights to build deeper customer relationships for superior ROI

Do you really know your customers, their pain points and goals? What do they care about? Are you in tune with their changing needs? Are they loyal to your brand or will they switch to a competitor? By learning more about customer behaviour across the lifecycle, you can develop deeper relationships and increase loyalty. Netcore offers strategic marketing advice tailored to your industry. Our solutions enable a compelling and consistent brand experience across channels to help promote customer growth and profitability.

Helping brands thrive in the age of digitally-empowered consumers

Rapid adoption of technology by consumers is changing the way they interact with businesses and their needs. Evolving customer expectations are thus creating a need for innovative marketing solutions. While digital marketing has become the most critical focus area for marketers today, don’t let challenges like low inbox rates, low response or low sending reputation bog you down. Netcore can help with a comprehensive assessment on the health of your current marketing program and advise easy-fix tactics to make your efforts effective.