Why Marketing Cloud?

Personalise Marketing at Scale

Personalised experiences form a major expectation of customers today. With marketing cloud, marketers can leverage customer insights across multiple channels to provide a superior, personalised experience to each and every customer.

Tailor cross-channel experiences

Cross-channel experiences helps optimise customer engagement

Contextual messaging

Create highly targeted campaigns with contextual messages

Exceptional Customer Experiences

Marketers can achieve the goal of truly integrated marketing by a creating unified communication strategy across all marketing channels. Integrated cross-channel communication allows you to pursue a customer with a targeted message choosing the preferred channel. You can gather insights from response rates for a single campaign across multiple channels.

Drive higher revenues

Leverage marketing automation and consistent communication to drive higher revenues

Better customer engagement

Deliver cross-channel personalisation to drive better customer engagement


With marketing cloud, you can rely on the right data to implement insight-driven marketing. Gather data-driven insights into who your customers are, what drives their buying behaviour and motivate them to choose your brand.

Data-driven approach

Move beyond campaigns to a data-driven approach

Insight-driven communication

Deliver insight-driven communication across multiple touch-points